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Dagmar Thomson


With almost three decades of professional experience in the United States as well as in Germany, Dagmar believes that a successful business is built on powerful and rewarding relationships.

After making the conscious choice to leave the corporate world, she has blended her professional experience with her passion for coaching and consulting. It's time to give back. The highly effective strategy of peer advisory boards, paired with proven proprietary analytical and strategic planning tools available through The Alternative Board (TAB), present the perfect platform for Dagmar to coach business owners and leaders to be their best.

As a result-driven sales director and skilled negotiator with Encore, the largest event production company in the world, overseeing a multimillion-dollar P&L, Dagmar utilized her core strengths to maximize her GOP, while mentoring her team to the next level, gaining their trust and respect.

Being from Germany as well as a master’s degree in English and German linguistics and literature from the University of Hamburg provides Dagmar with a unique cultural versatility. She ran her own business as a translator for many years.

Dagmar's background in journalism and documentary film making for one of the most renowned production companies in factual programming in Germany provided her with the perfect setting for her creativity to come to life. Being responsible for the production process from story board to voiceover was one of the most rewarding achievements of her career.

Since her move from Germany to Las Vegas 17 years ago, Dagmar has been deeply rooted in the Summerlin community. She is coaching her daughter's youth volleyball team, while being committed to creating a personal and professional support system in the Las Vegas community.

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James D. Lordon


Jim has always had the passion for giving back, whether it be to colleagues, his family, or the community. Being part of the Alternative Board is a great opportunity to do exactly that!

Jim's more than three decades of experience in sales development, event & entertainment technology, and training have been fueled by his enthusiasm for building lasting relationships. As part of the ever-changing world of meetings and conventions in Las Vegas, he has proven to adapt quickly to that change, prioritize, and execute at maximum efficiency. Jim's understanding of profit margins and fiscal responsibility result from his operational savvy combined with the deeply rooted understanding of the sales process to its most successful outcome. Jim's ability to sell the vision as well as service the dream has proven to be his success.

As a decisive team leader and trusted advisor with the competitive drive towards achieving ambitious personal and professional goals, Jim’s aim is on the bullseye to bridging the gap between teams and individuals. Partnering with peers and bringing their vision to life, while being profitable and fulfilled. Honest communication and business clarity build the team!

As a resident of Las Vegas for the past 12 years, Jim is deeply committed to the non-profit community, improving the lives of Las Vegan families. His involvement in church allows him to coach, mentor, and support those seeking to improve their personal and professional lives.